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Free Proxy Server Resource
What is a Proxy Server?

    A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing (Web sites, FTP archives etc.). The data you request come to the proxy first, and only then it transmits the data to you.

Why I need to use proxy servers?
  1. Transfer speed improvement. If the file you requested was received before to your proxy server, then proxy server will interrupt this file request and you will receive the file directly from proxy. However need to know, you can got the "speed down" effect. This effect appears when your proxy has long answer time because there is slow connection between you and your proxy server.
  2. Security and privacy. Anonymous proxies destroys information about your computer in the requests header. So you can safely surf the net and your information will never be used by hackers and spammers.
  3. Sometimes you encounter some problems while accessing to web server (for example, web-chat). You have mistaken while working with some data and / or the server administrator restricted access from your IP. So you can use the anonymous proxy and try to access again.
Proxy Types:
    HTTP proxies have three categories based on anonymity. Transparent proxy:Proxies in this category are not anonymous. Anonymous proxy:Proxies in this category are anonymous. When an Anonymous proxy is used, the website you visit cannot know your real IP address, but they can know that you are using a proxy. High anonymous proxy: Proxies in this category are anonymous. When a Highly anonymous proxy is used, the website you visit cannot know your real IP address, they cannot know that you are using a proxy either.

    How often you cannot load interesting site because of slow download speed or "Internet black holes" in the routing tables? AliveProxy will help you in these cases: you test connection speed for specified URL through multitude proxy servers and select the fastest proxy from log to browse the URL.

    You can also test performance of your sites through multitude proxies in the Internet or in the LAN. AliveProxy will emulate users' requests to your web server by using multithreaded engine.

    AliveProxy was built on multithreaded engine. This fact allows completely use performance of your computer (number of threads depends only on your PC). You can test connection speed, check proxy with more than 100 times per second.

    The powerful proxy checker allows you to gather proxy addresses from text files or URLs and to measure great number of parameters of proxies (speed, ping, country, socks5 support, tracerout, etc.).

    Anonymizer features allow you to stay invisible in web surfing. You can check several high anonymous proxies and AliveProxy will automatically change your current proxy to the checked one after some time or several requests or bytes. AliveProxy allows you to change any HTTP variables such as HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_HOST, HTTP_USER_AGENT, HTTP_COOKIE and others.

How to use HTTP proxies with SSL support
    If a HTTP proxy supports SSL, this proxy can be used to visit secure websites. Secure websites start with https://.
How to use HTTP proxies with tunneling support?
    If a HTTP proxy supports tunneling, this proxy can be used to chain up the next proxy.
Basic introduction of SOCKS
    SOCKS proxies not only can be used as high anonymous HTTP proxies, but also can be used as proxies for TELNET, FTP and other communication utilities.
The features of proxy (What can and what cannot proxy server)
    Proxy server (shortly - proxy) is a computer program that is activated on connection to a certain port of a computer (they also say it "bind" to certain port). As any other computer program it has many settings which allow it to disable access to certain places, cut off adverts etc.